The objective of AgriDiverCluster is the organization of a strategic framework for actions which will lead to the formation of the necessary conditions for the establishment of the proposed - cluster. In addition AgriDiverCluster will propose a pertinent legal form and specific adjustments to ensure its viability and benefits for its members.

Within the framework of the cluster, awareness raising and training actions will be undertaken for the executives of the involved companies, through the organization of special seminars, as well as dissemination and cooperation activities. Their purpose will be to help actors across the value chain of natural products to understand the function of such a cluster in order to ensure their participation after they fully understand the potential expected benefits.

Cross-fertilization with similar clusters abroad and the communication of best practices across its members, will be a special action of the AgriDiverCluster. At the same time, with the wide dissemination of its actions, AgriDiverCluster will be promoted to other companies in the sector, which will have the opportunity to participate to the final process of establishment of the Cluster, if they decide so.

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