Submission of research proposal AgriDiverCluster-2

Research Proposal was submitted AgriDiverCluster-2


On Friday 26 March 2021 and in the context of the successful cooperation between the members of AgriDiverCluster, a research proposal was submitted in the second phase of EPAnEK program 2014-2020 Business Program Competitiveness-Entrepreneur-Innovation “COOPERATIVE FORMATIONS OF INNOVATION 2nd proposal: Businesses”. The research proposal is under the title “Greek Biodiversity and phytogenetic resources: Identification, productive practices and domestic raw materials for the development of sustainable business models” with the acronym “AgriDiverCluster-2”. The submission of the proposal was undertaken and coordinated by the working group under the guidance of the project coordinator, Dr. Katerina Grigoriadou, authorized researcher of Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources of HAO-DIMITRA. The working group undertook a difficult task, gathering the supporting papers and writing a well-structured proposal. “Markos Bagatzounis & Sons S.A.” undertook the coordinating company and the Assistant Professor of the School of Veterinary Medicine, of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Mr. Il. Giannenas, was scientifically responsible. The proposal involves the 12 companies’ members of the CFI:

Markos Bagatzounis & Sons S.A., GEOHELLAS S.A., KORRES-Natural Products, Greek Feed Industries S.A. – EL.VI.Z., SYMBEEOSIS LONG LIVE LIFE, VITRO HELLAS, HELLENIC DAIRIES – OLYMPUS, Consortium of Cooperatives Producers from Imathia, TROPOS BRANDING, GAIA Seeds, Agricultural Cooperative Organization Petromagoula – Orchomenos, Themelion Gis, as well as collaborating research bodies.

This research proposal is the beginning of a successful collaboration within AgriDiverCluster.

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